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Established in 1984, in Wad Maddani. The company started out with a small production capacity of 3,000 cases per day. With our visionary managers and hard-working employees, we have expanded the business and made a "Victory" by holding a very strong market position. the company has made a big investment in its new production facility with world standard machines for its five new lines. Nile Soft Drinks now has a production capacity of more than 80,000 cases per day.

Nile Soft Drinks has made a big change in the soft drink industry in Sudan when it first introduced its number one national brand "Stim Apple". The consumer quickly reacted positively to this new flavor, people loved the taste, the smell and the brand name. The company then added more brands to its product line by introducing "Maaza Mango, Royal with many refreshing flavors Lemon, Grenadine, Orange and Grapefruit, and its mineral water Anhar".

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Khartoum Factory Omdurman Factory Khartoum Factory

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