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introducing whole juice ingredients


  • The company started operation in Wad Madani city in the year 1986.The daily output then was 3,000 cases of returnable glass bottles.
  • The company transferred its operation to Omdurman city in the year 1996.
  • Once in Omdurman city, the company started a big expansion program of its production capacity and started a second factory in Omdurman in the year 2003.At this time, the company also started producing soft drinks in PET bottles.
  • Another plant was established in Khartoum city in the year 2010 with a daily production capacity of 30,000 cases.
  • Currently, the company is running two production plants, one in Omdurman and the other one in Khartoum with a total daily production capacity of 102,000 cases.
Khartoum Factory Khartoum Factory Khartoum Factory
Khartoum Factory Khartoum Factory Omdurman Factory
Khartoum Factory Khartoum Factory Omdurman Factory

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